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{March 6, 2011}   How to choose the right crossdressing wig?

A brief guide to choosing the right color, length and style crossdressing wig!

If you want to go out in public and pass, hair is one of the most important items in your crossdressing wardrobe. Don’t make a hasty decision on your wig. Try on as many wigs as possible, and don’t be afraid to try styles that you might normally overlook. Unlike clothes, where your femme wardrobe changes on a daily basis, your wig should stay relatively constant. You might consider two styles, or two slightly different colors, for different occasions – maybe a long, loose wig and an updo in the same tones, for instance. Wigs these days are sophisticated; you’re no longer limited in color, as many wigs come in highlighted and other realistic multi-colors. You could also choose a straight wig and a curly one, and wear different wigs with different outfits. Study hairstyles of women that are close to your age. If you are 40, look at 30 to 40. If you are 60, focus on 50 to 60. Notice the colors, lengths and styles. This will help immensely with what is appropriate for you in the way of passing.

Crossdresser Wigs from Tranny Closet

Expect to pay $40 to $60 for a nice wig, and up to a few hundred for a great one. It should be adjustable, washable and realistic. (Washable wigs retain their styling, so require no additional fussing.) Stay away from Halloween wigs. These costume wigs may have an attractive price ($10 to $20), but they lack high-quality, realistic fibers, and don’t last long.

How to choose the right color?
Stay within your natural color range – choose a color that closely fits the range your hair has been since your were a child. If you’ve had black hair your entire life (maybe now it’s greying,) don’t buy a blonde wig. The color will most likely not work with your skin tone. If your hair has been blonde, mixed blonde and brunette over the years, stay within this color range. Try on several wigs and find that right color first, then move on to length, cut and style.

How to choose the right length?
The length of your wig is important because it helps cover features that are identified with being male. Examples include a larger head, an adams apple, a more pronounced nose, forehead, ears and chin. The length of the wig can help diminish these issues. For this reason I don’t recommend short bob wigs. A good wig can cover your ears, hide your adams apple from a side view and make your chin seem less pronounced. I recommend wigs that are at least shoulder length to a quarter down your back. Stay away from wigs that go more than half way down your back, since this is not a “typical” hair length on women, it will draw unwanted attention on you.

How to choose the right style?
Avoid wigs that are curly on top or near your face. Wearing a curly wig gives the illusion that your head is even larger. You want to soften your male features, not draw attention to them. I recommend straight and straight with waves or loose curls. This is where you want to go to a wig shop or crossdressing conference and try on many styles. Pay attention to the part. It should look realistic, like you are seeing your scalp, not matted down hairs that attempt to hide where a part would be. (This is usually called a skin part or skin top.)

Crossdressing Wigs from Tranny Closet

YES! Bangs are great. They help to hide our foreheads, which are a big giveaway when trying to pass. A high quality wig will allow you to play with the bangs till you find the perfect placement. Bangs are also a great aid in hiding the fact you are wearing a wig.

To summarize, your best wig choice should feature a color within your natural range, and fall at least to your shoulders. The style should not accentuate the size of your head. And bangs are good.

Enjoy the process of choosing a wig best suited for you, and don’t be afraid to experiment when trying them on. You may find a whole other femme self than you ever imagined.

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Some great tips dear! I’m blessed to have my own hair, so don’t need to wear a wig since growing it out. I know this is an area that many girls struggle with.


George says:

Many thanks some brilliant tips here.

kittenraver says:

hey good stuff here keep it up

First of all I want to say excellent blog! I had a quick question
in which I’d like to ask if you don’t mind. I was curious to find out how you center yourself and clear your head
before writing. I have had difficulty clearing my thoughts in getting my thoughts
out there. I truly do take pleasure in writing however it just seems like the first 10 to 15
minutes are lost just trying to figure out how to begin.

Any suggestions or tips? Thank you!

Like everything, practice makes you better, and the more you practice, the easier it is to keep up with your skill/craft/sport/etc. I am a script writer too. If I don’t write often, every day is optimal, then I find my script writing becomes very difficult, almost painful. I’m starting and stopping, as opposed to continuing, which is not a good way to write. I would suggest start writing everyday – start small, like 10 minutes, and gradually ramp up to more time. Let me know how it goes.

Alicia Masters says:

I’m wondering where you got the price range of $40 to $60 dollars for a nice wig. The halloween or costume wigs cost that much.
Other than that I found this to be a very good arrticle.

Most Halloween wigs range from $5 to $25. If you are spending over $40, chances are it is a nice wig, unless the seller is inflating the price. Some of the pictures of Halloween wigs, can make the wig look really good, but once you take it out of the bag it is nearly impossible to match the picture. All the pictures on our website, are taken by us, so there is no guessing what the quality or appearance is going to look like.

Alicia Masters says:

I think one other possible reason for the price differences is that I live in Canada and these are U.S. prices right? I also remember going to a theatrical supply place where they were selling the cheap wigs for $0.00 and up. And they were VERY cheap wigs. What I ended up doing was phoning ahead, asking if they would accept a transgendered person, and going and getting a decent wig that I knew would fit me. Prices have gone down for reasonable wigs here, fortunately. The prices range around $100.00 +. I dont like to mail order wigs or clothing as i loke to have both fitted for me. I have a challenge for clothing in that I am quite tall, at around 6’3″.
Thank you so much for replying to me. I do appreciate it.

Thanks for your comments Alicia. Have you ever gone to a transgender conference? If not, I recommend you do. It gives you a nice, safe environment to do your shopping – assuming that the conference has a vendor area, which most do. If you are on the west coast, there’s ones called Esprit, in port Angeles, Washington. I show all of our products there, including wigs. Anyone can come in the door and try on our wigs. I really recommend this, as you can’t always predict how a wig will look on you.

Erica Longbo says:

Great site! I’m getting ready for my first experience crossdressing with another person this weekend and I needed some tips for a wig. And I got them. Thank you!!! I will be back. Erica

Brandy Fox says:

What do you recommend with red hair wigs? I’m a natural brunette and love red. Since red isn’t in my natural color range, do you have any tips on making the color work?

Hi Brandy

I would suggest a wig that is a mix of brunette and natural red. Maybe something with highlights? If you live close to a big city, go to a wig shop, and try on a few. If you are not comfortable in that setting, than look for a transgender conference that has a vendor space. Hope that helps!

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