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{February 10, 2015}   Are you going to a Transgender Conference this year?

If you are transgender and never attended a transgender conference, you should!

They offer so much – like knowledge, friendship, acceptance and maybe more importantly, fun. If you are totally in the closet, then you “must” go to one. The feeling of wearing that special outfit to a dinner gala is an amazing one that you can’t miss out on.

Dancing at the Esprit Conference

Dancing at the Esprit Conference

I try to keep an updated list of the upcoming conferences/conventions and events at the following link
Transgender Conferences Calendar for 2015

Since I live in Washington State, I’m most familiar with our own Esprit Conference in Port Angeles. This week long conference is the perfect venue for both out of the closet transgender ladies and the newest of newbies, still in the closet. The vibe is very low key. Girls don’t come here to show off their breast size (except for Joy 🙂 ) . They come to interact and learn. The daytime features classes all week. Including topics on voice training, laser hair removal, how to chose the right wig, self defense and even doctors arrive that talk about hormones and the different feminization surgeries available. The night events include an eclectic mix of dancing, eating out, billiard tournament, a talent show and lastly, a wonderful ending gala party. The hotel has been hosting this event for years and they (and the city) love it when we arrive. If you are peeking outside the closet and scared to leave the safety of your house, just realize that everyone at the conference has had to deal with that feeling at some point, and plenty of people are there to hold your hand.

Have you been to a transgender conference? Respond to this article, and tell us about your experience.


Esprit is a safe and affirming venue. It truly doesn’t matter where you find yourself on the gender identity spectrum or whether you are transitioning to anything at all but just need to express yourself. What Esprit did for me was to confirm that I am neither a fake nor a freak, and gave the the personal permission to live an authentic life simply as I am. From that experience I live full time a woman, and have friends across the globe who appreciate and nurture my adventure. – Fair winds and calm seas – Julie Blair

Thanks for your reply Julie. Yes it is a fun conference. Very accepting to all that show up. Amazed at the eclectic mix that shows up not only from WA state, but all over the country, Canada, the Caribbean and even UK. I haven’t been to the east coast conferences to compare, but Esprit is a winner on many levels.

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