Tranny Closet – Crossdressing Blog

What is Tranny Closet?
Who is Melissa White?
What is a crossdresser?
Should I lock my doors?

Short Answers.
A crossdressing website.
My “en femme” name.
A male that likes to dress like a female.

Longer Answers 🙂
The idea to start selling crossdressing supplies started in 2008. I had a lot of experience in the fashion apparel industry and felt with that knowledge and my website building savvy, I could start a new venture that would be fun and hopefully make some money. I wanted to develop new products that would appeal to me, and in turn, would appeal to other transgendered people. I settled on Tranny Closet for a name and built the site, which has now been live for over a year. I have displayed my products at CD conferences and have offered classes on how to crossdresser better.

Not sure how I settled on the name Melissa, but I did. Shortly after, I decided her last name should be White. And Melissa White was born. I think it is important to have an “en femme” name. It doesn’t make sense to be all dressed up and then someone asks your name and you say, “Bob.” Although, I spend most of my life in male mode, Melissa has her own email, cell phone, myspace page, blog, post office box, etc. All this helps to make her real.

Technically a CD (Crossdresser) is a person who wears the opposite sexes clothes. When most people think of crossdressers though, they think of men dressing as women, and not women dressing as men. Why, and to what degree we crossdress is extremely varied. I can’t speak for women dressing as men, but for me, it is calming, exhilerating, and just plain fun. When I dress, I have to go out. Dancing, shopping, I just need to get out of the house and do something.

The idea of crossdressing scares a lot of people. Reasons for this are quite varied. Some are homophobes. Some believe it is immoral. Some believe it is a sin. Some think it is disgusting. But the reality is. Most CD’s are straight. Most are married. Above average income. Above average education. Most are safe and friendly. Although I know that there are people who hate us, I also know that most people are very accepting, curious and nice.


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