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{March 23, 2011}   Crossdressing Hair Removal

Hair. It covers our body. And for some of us, it really covers our body. And it is hard to feel feminine if you look like, well, a gorilla. So we trim, shave, wax and use hair removing lotions. These have varying degrees of success or non-success, but have you thought about laser hair removal? If not, you should.

Over the years, I have used two main methods to remove hair from my body. Waxing and shaving. Shaving is less expensive and relatively quick, but the hair comes back quickly and for me I have the issue of in-grown hairs that redden and irratate the skin in certain places. Waxing has a longer life, but is very costly and can be a little painful with each “rip.”

In 2010 I decided to give laser hair removal a shot. I am not the hair’est person, but definitely had places I wanted “cleaned up.” Seeing that some of my friends were having this service done helped me go this route. So I scheduled my first appointment. Decided to concentrate on my back, shoulders and neck first. Wow, what a difference! I love the feeling of a shirt resting on my skin and not slightly away due to the hair. But the biggest surprise came with the removal of hairs on my neck. I have suffered my entire adult life with in-grown hairs just below my jaw line. This area of skin is almost always showing some amount of irratation. After one treatment, I could see an obvious difference. Months have passed and I haven’t had any reddeness or irratation on my neck at all. This is exciting for me.

The procedure is easy and relatively painless. It does take some time with each appointment. And depending on where and how much, it could take many appointments to get your desired results. If there is a downside, it would be the cost. It is the most expensive form of hair removal. But, it is the best as well.

Ask your friends, do some research, and get rid of that hair now!


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