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Hello Crossdressers

It’s Spring! The cold weather has faded. The warm summer is right around the corner. A now the crossdressing conferences begin.

First off is the Esprit Conference in Port Angeles, Washington. This is fun week-long (May 16-23) event close to Seattle that draws over 100 CDs and SOs (significant other). This is my second year attending the event. I had a blast the first year. Met several friends that I have become very close to. Had a chance to take the ferry across to Victoria, BC and spend the day shopping. Watched the Nasty Habits (an all-tranny band) three times at local bars. As well as attending most all conference functions, including the talent show and Saturday Gala. I was a vendor at the event, displaying and selling most of my products at

Again this year, I will be at Esprit as a vendor, but new this year, I will be presenting a class – Breast Forms and Wigs 101. This class is being offered twice. Monday, May 17th 3:30-5:00 and again on Thursday May 20th 1:30-3:00. It is free to any conference attendees. I will be discussing the basics. How to choose the right length, sytle and color of a wig? Things to avoid, and things to look for in a wig. What is a wig cap? Should I wear one? How to comb and care for your wig? How to choose the right style and size breast form? How to wear breast forms without a bra? How to care for them? Can I sleep in them? All of these questions will be covered and many more.

Shortly after Esprit ends, Be-All begins in Chicago. This event runs from June 1-6 and attracts over 400 people.  I attended this conference last year as well. Like Esprit, I had a blast. Formed great relationships, kept busy with evening activities and had my vendor booth to keep me busy during the days. There are fun events throughout, including a pool party (bring your swimsuit!) and the Saturday Night Grand Banquet that is an absolute must for all attendees.

Like Esprit, I will be attending Be-All as a vendor and a teacher. I will be presenting one class (Breast Forms and Wigs 101) on Thursday June 3 from 3:30 to 4:50.

If you have a chance to attend these events, please stop by my vendor booth and say hi, or maybe come to one of my classes. I would love to meet you.
Have fun and be safe girls.



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